Friends of Mandritsara

Personnel needs

There are various ongoing personnel needs in Mandritsara including those listed below.
If you are interested in finding out more, please send a message to mission opportunities giving as much information as possible.
If you know someone else who may be interested, please pass on these details.

Immediate personnel needs

We have the following immediate needs:

We are also seeking
  • Bible teachers
  • Midwives and nurses for teaching in the nursing school
  • A mechanic (ideally with experience of Land Rovers)

These could be Malagasy staff or overseas missionaries.

Malagasy staff are employed by the hospital, while overseas missionaries need to raise their own support. All staff should be proficient in French and those from overseas will undertake Malagasy lessons on arrival. Learning Malagasy may appear rather daunting, but all the existing missionaries have learnt enough to perform well.

Also, we expect you to be in sympathy with the mission statement of the hospital.

Preparations to go

There are a number of preparations required before someone can go to Mandritsara. We require all volunteers to go through a check with the Disclosure & Barring Service (DBS), those working in Mandritsara will require a work permit and a visa before departure. We have a separate website to help all volunteers with the ‘steps to go‘. Once your initial application has been accepted do visit our Volunteering website, which has lots of useful information and will get you ready to go.


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